February 04, 2010


There have been an insane amount of attempted abductions
in our quiet, little town lately.

About two years ago, a father
and his then 14 year old daughter
developed a video/program called Girl2Girl.
They are third and fourth generation martial artists.
And very good.
We've wanted Brookelynn to take the seminar.
It's just never worked out before.
Due to the craziness going on
they offered their seminar free to all students of our district.
Usually it's just offered to girls,
but one of the attempted abductions happened to a boy,
so they opened it up to boys also.

Jake did not want to go.
I made him.
I wasn't going to make him participate.
Just wanted him to watch.
But then we saw one of his friends (in the green).
He decided it wouldn't be so bad afterall.
Chris and Jenna did a great job.
It was entertaining.
And very informative.
They taught them ways to avoid being a target at all.
Which I really liked.
They taught them to be LOUD if they are ever approached by a stranger.
That shouldn't be difficult for my kids.
They taught them what to do if they were grabbed.
Either from in front or behind.
There were lots of demonstrations.
And lots of practicing.
And our kids loved it.
And learned.
Thanks to Chris and Jenna.
And all the area businesses that sponsored this event.

Brookelynn especially has been nervous lately.
I think she feels a little more confident now.


MICHELE said...

Seriously? I haven't heard about that...what a great program!

Anonymous said...

Chris and Jenna are fabulous! Wonderful christian people!