February 23, 2010

Ideas Please

I need help.
And this is really critical.
I don't know what to put in this.
Don't want a candle.
Got plenty of those. Don't want anything expensive.
Cheap would be great.
Not like in magazines
where they show you the "bargain" version
and it's still 100 times more than
I would pay for something.
By cheap I mean under $10.
Free would be superb.

(I love the outlet cover sitting on the window sill.
Doing a lot of good there.
I don't even use that outlet.
So, not sure why the plug thingy is out.
Maybe that explains the little boys staticky hair lately.)

I've got orange decorative balls.
Tired of those.
For Christmas I had ball ornaments.
Tired of round.

I'm boring.
And bored.
And I'm begging for ideas.
Please, please, please.
Somebody help this poor decorationally challenged girl.


Amy said...

What exactly is that thing?? Is it just open on the top?

rentz said...

Just open on the top. That glass part has a bottom and sits on top of the tall metal piece.

Julie A. Cox said...

Can you spray paint branches out of your yard black or white and stick them in there? I always use whole coffee beans as my fillers. Your post is so ironic, because I was JUST outside picking up stuff from the ground to put in my apothecary jar that has been sitting empty since I took out ornaments after Christmas.

ShellyStout said...

Use it as a feeding trough for your kids, save yourself the work of doing dishes!

Livesays said...

I'm not the least bit artsy or craftsy or that good at home decorarting . . . so the only thing I could come up with was plastic Easter eggs for the remainder of Lent at least.

Anonymous said...

What about stones/smooth rocks with a few pillar candles? Love the look of it!

Anonymous said...

What about a combination of lemons and limes...that might be a hint of things to come...like spring.

Jonni B.

MICHELE said...

I was going to suggests sticks or some sort of floral arrangement...usually you can get that pretty cheap at micheals or hobby lobby. But I really liked the lemon/lime idea too!
Or you could put white Christmas lights in there and make it a "lamp" since it is right by an outlet ;)

Can't wait to see what you figure out.

Amanda said...

hmmmm? I was thinking branches too - spray painted white, AND you could stuff christmas lights in the glass too. Depending on the strength of your branches, you could string the lights out on them too.

Or white pillars candles, several, all different heights. I've seen greenery weaved around and through the candles too. http://www.potterybarn.com/products/hyde-console-table/?pkey=cconsole-entryway-tables

Or hydrangeas just stuffed in there (although they may be too close to your ball shape)

Lots of my ideas are more wintery - so I'll spare you.

What about a long berry garland just coiled up inside. Maybe with some 3 pillar candles at different lengths centered in the middle with the berries coiled around.

Do you want me to stop now?

Okay, I will

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