February 16, 2010

So Far...

Unloaded the dishwasher.
Reloaded it with breakfast dishes.
Hand washed some dishes.

Picked up the family room.
Which included 8 pairs of shoes.
And too many Valentine's too count.
Swept the floors.

Changed a stinky, snotty nosed little boy with a fever.

Gathered all the dirty laundry scattered throughout the house.
Two--going on three--loads of laundry.
Folded a load of towels that have been in the dryer for days.
Forgot all about them.
I was going to have the kids fold them.

Refereed a fight between the boys.
Then heard them yelling at each other 5 minutes later:
"Yea! You're my friend!"

Discovered that the boys got a hold of my camera.
And took 76 pictures like this:
And this:
And now...
I did all of the above so I wouldn't feel guilty
when I sat down to watch curling.
I don't even understand it.
Not at all.
But it fascinates me anyway.

Right now USA is loosing to Germany 3-4.
No idea how they get points.
Just like watching the "rocks" sliding on the ice.
I think the announcers just said they weigh 42 pounds.

A commercial came on with Beyonce on it.
My boys, who were busy playing,
immediately looked up and watched the entire thing.
It starts early.

I'm going to google curling and learn more about it.
Ezra keeps asking me questions I can't answer.
I'm tired of sounding stupid.


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

That is too funny.

You've been far more productive than me today!

Here were my pictures when Bad Baby got ahold of the camera.

So funny!

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I don't understand curling either, but my husband loves to watch it. Some very good friends of our's live up in Manitoba, and my husband is determined to go up there sometime in the winter just to curl. I told him that I refuse to go up there where it's that cold with small children. So, I guess he'll have to wait a few years :)

kate said...

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