February 01, 2010

Weekend in Review

Brookelynn and Jake could not go to sleep Thursday night.
They were convinced they would not have school Friday.
Sadly, they did.
Ryan, however got to stay home.
They were very jealous.
Ryan and the little boys shoveled snow.
The snow was not heavy,
so the boys were able to get big scopes.
Ezra was a pretty good help.
Jobe tended to dump his wherever Ryan had last shoveled.
As seems to be the trend for moms,
I took pictures from the front door.
After basketball and soccer games Saturday,
Ryan took the little boys, Brookie and a friend sledding.
(Jakie was bowling with a friend.)
I came for a little.
Then went grocery shopping by myself...
We enjoyed plenty of family time.
Friday was supper at my brothers.
Saturday supper at my parents.
And Sunday dinner at Ryan's parents.

Ryan, with much sorrow, watched the retirement announcement
of his favorite NFL player, Kurt Warner.

And we watched two movies.
Ryan and I watched Seven Pounds.
To put it in Ryan's words: That was heavy.
It was.
Don't know that I need to see it again.
But not wishing that I hadn't seen it, either.

We all watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
Ezra has his face buried in my arm much of the last half.
Jobie fell asleep on my lap.
I hated it.
It was weird.
And gross.
Food lying everywhere.
People with food stains all over them.

Our weekend.
Minus the fights.
Poopy diapers.
Lost shoes.
And general chaos that is our family.


team pierson said...

Awesome that you can spend so much time with extended family. My kids are sad that the sledding snow is gone...there might be more this weekend though.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Sounds perfect. :)