February 24, 2010

Silly Me

I thought I had my afternoon all planned out.
Finish playing a game with Ezzie.
Post on the blog.
Make supper.

How quickly things change.
Right before school was out,
my sister-in-law called.
She was tied-up at work.
Could I please watch my nephews and niece?
Plus an additional boy who usually catches a ride with them.
No problem.

Then I thought:
What will I feed them?
My standby:
chocolate chip cookies.
So I start mixing the dough.

Meanwhile Brookie makes it home.
Then Jake with a friend.
A few minutes later I look up to find
another of Jake's friends walking through our backdoor.
Then my nephew and his friend.
Then my mom drops off my niece and nephew.

Jake and his friends go outside.
Only to come back in with 2 more friends.
I now have 12 kids in my house.

My recipe made 55 cookies.
Here's what's left.
I guess they liked them.
The top rack of my dishwasher is now full.
With my classy assortment of cups.
I even managed to get supper going.
Then they all started leaving.
Even Jake left for the evening.
And I was left with 3.
And they played.


flower power momma said...

great job " koolaide momma"

I used to make bananna muffins when my kiddos and spares got off the bus.

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I think you might have just earned "Mother of the Year" award -- Great Job!!!