March 22, 2010


Last week before we left Branson to head home,
we searched for a Starbucks.
This lady needed coffee.
And, although my hubby hates to admit it,
I think he did too.

In our search, we passed this little place.We've seen it before.
But this time it was a must stop for Ryan.
Because of this.
And for the little boys, this.
A police car!
Then he made all the kids get in the picture.
The older two did not at all appreciate
the importance of this moment.
We went inside.
Saw plenty of confederate goodies.
A little museum room with Dukes collectibles.
Still in their original packaging.
A watch,
General Lee, after General Lee, after General Lee,
I could go on and on.

And plenty of Duke apparel for sale.
Even Daisy Dukes.
Which my hubby wanted to buy for me.
That would ruin Daisy Dukes for life.
If I wore those,
I would make it here.
Most important.
We did get our coffee.
Might not have been a good thing.
I have already hit the restroom.
Six times.
This morning.
You can imagine what the ride home was like.
Me dreaming of restrooms.
Ryan dreaming of Daisy Dukes.


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Hahaha!! Funniest. Post. Ever.

I'm so glad you know and enjoy PeopleOfWalmart.

I don't think there's a starbucks in Branson. I always end up stopping at Dunkin Donuts instead for my coffee fix.

Leslie said...

I'm pretty sure there's a Starbucks on the corner where you turn to go to Branson Landing. Just for future reference.

Thanks for the giggle(s). :)

ShellyStout said...

I have a lovely image in my head of you and Ryan driving home,,,you both in lala land with your respective dreams and not even noticing all the kids whining and fighting. Oh THIS MADE MY DAY! LOL

rentz said...

Beki, I thought you were a Branson expert. So disappointed... Haha.

Actually, we found a starbucks on Hwy 76 just west of cooters. It's in a hotel/theatre, or something like that. We drove by it once and had to come back looking for it. We were desperate!

Beth said...

There IS a Starbucks in Branson and I found it . . just up the street from that place with General Lee. YOu just didn't go far enough :)

Beth said...

Oh yeah, you found that out. I should read all the comments. And too funny about the Daisy Dukes. We avoided stopped to take pictures but had to take note of General Lee too.