March 01, 2010

Sunday Evening

Last night we had a music group at church.
Evening services are hard for my kids.
Especially the little ones.
While we listened, the kids kept busy
with little scraps of paper from my bag.

Brookelynn's view of the group.
Ezra's view of me.
I am lovely.
Jobie scribbled with red, blue, green and yellow crayons.

And Jake made tiny paper airplanes.
Which fortunately never took off.
The Olympics have obviously made an impact.
All the planes have countries on them.
Well, with the exception of the top left.
Ezra got a hold of that one.
One plane has Mexico on it.
Hadn't thought about it until now.
But did they even have a representative in the Olympics?
At intermission we took an offering for the group.
I gave the little boys some money to put in the basket.
After they put it in
I told Jobie that he had just given money to Jesus.
He looked around.
Found the college student who had passed us the basket.
And said: Mommy, is dat Jesus?
So cute.

And then, in the middle of the last song,
while sitting on my lap,
Ezzie said: Mommy, I just farted twice.
Not so cute.

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Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Haha! I should've learned by now to not have a drink in my mouth when I read your blog. I always choke.