March 03, 2010

A Memory...

I would like to keep.
And cherish.

It had been a long time
since I had played a game with Ezzie.
So long, that I had forgotten that it actually was fun.

We sorted the money.
Counted the money.
And finally were ready to play.
After playing for a little,
we remembered to use the box lid
to roll the dice in.
So much nicer than readjusting the houses
everytime you throw the dice.

We talked about counting on when you are adding.
Love his little finger working hard.
We talked about counting by 2's.
He has a fondness for 2's.
He was so proud of his collection.
And he wiggled.
A lot.
His teachers say he sits nice in Sunday School.
I believe them.
He always sits nice at storytime.
But any other time...
he is one wiggly boy.

In between every turn,
he was doing this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
I loved playing with him.
Talking with him.
Teaching him.
Seeing him get so excited when he beat me.
Watching his little hand work.
And I love that little mole on his wrist.
When he was a baby
he thought it was dirt.
And would work and work on it
to get it off.
I'm glad he wasn't successful.

It's the little things...

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