March 18, 2010

A Day on Spring Break

We took a little trip to the Springfield/Branson area
for the beginning of spring break.
Ryan's cousin and her family were there
for a basketball tourney.
So we got to spend some time with them.

Monday was our busy day.
According to my brother,
Bass Pro is a must when visiting Springfield.
I've been there.
More times than I remember.
Once would have been enough.
But, the kids like all the animals.
Both dead and alive.
Nine kids and Dougie.
Umm, make that ten kids.
Jobie loves Doug.
Probably because Doug calls him "Big Fella."
While I call him "Tiny Baby."

Ryan and I took dragged the kids shopping.
If there's an outlet mall, I will come.

Jobe likes to sit in the little rides.
We never put money in.
Not even on vacation.
I think Ezra knows they will actually do something.
But Jobe hasn't figured that out yet.

Ryan is all about eating good
when we are away from home.
Eating good to him means steak or seafood.
So seafood it was.
He and Brookelynn were excited for their crab legs.
I don't like crab legs.
But I did decide to avoid anything fried.
In an attempt to eat healthier.
I ate the boys extra
mozzarella sticks,
and popcorn shrimp
and even a fry or two.
I couldn't let it all just sit there.
That's wasteful.
The weather wasn't pleasant.
We found an indoor mini golf place.
And played 36 holes.
It got a little old at the end.
36 might have been a little much.
It was 10:30.

Oh, and Ryan won.
Irritates me to admit that.

Jake even beat me by a stroke.
What is this world coming to?

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Beth said...

We were in Branson too! The weather was stinky but we still had some fun. Surprised we didn't cross paths :)