June 01, 2009

Chalk Art Festival

I love our town.
That will be evident by the many pictures.
I couldn't narrow them down.
So, here we go...

We walked downtown Saturday morning for the Chalk Art Festival.
It's an event presented by our local Youthville.
Three blocks of Main Street were closed to traffic.

Local musicians and bands showcased their abilities.
And local artists donated their time and talents.
The pieces they created were sold in a silent auction.
But the best part of all...
Any one can sign-up for a square of sidewalk.
And create their own masterpiece.

Brookelynn wasted no time.
She knew what she wanted to draw.
And was done quickly.

Ezra practiced a lion at home.
But was moved to design something else once we arrived.

He got a little over zealous.
And spilled onto Jake's square.
Notice Jake's is blank.
He had a difficult time deciding what to do.
I told him no snow cone until he was done.
My guy worked the longest on his.
Our good friend owns a bookshop in town.
Thus his inspiration.
It was hot.
The snow cones/cups melted fast.
But they were good...
to the last...

The whole day was.


PamperingBeki said...

Oh how sweet!!

I was downtown yesterday and saw lots of art on the sidwalks but didn't know where it came from.

I love this town!
I love middle America.

Anonymous said...

adorable, and quite the artists!

Greg Nickel said...

I'm totally using Jobe for promo emails.