July 02, 2010

Odd Occurances

There's been odd things happening here lately.
Not odd, odd really.
Just odd.

Jobie has had a fever for 3 days now.
Complaining of his tummy hurting.
In summer.
I thought we weren't supposed to get sick in summer.

I have a cold.
In summer.
No runny nose.
No stuffiness.
Just a cough.
A nasty cough.
The kind that makes everyone around holler "shut UP!"
We're loving like that.

My glass 9x13 pan shattered on me yesterday.
I barely bumped it.
My other two 9x13s are metal.
I don't use the glass one as much.
But for some reason there are certain things I like to make in it.
Have to get a new one.

Our chest freezer went out Wednesday.
It was full.
Full, full.
Fortunately, I discovered it before the meat had thawed.
It was my grandma's.
It was old.
It was gold.
With a faux wood top.
I'm a little sad about it.
I remember that freezer in my grandma's dining room.
Dining room.
We're fancy like that.
Ryan was able to come home a little early.
We ran to Sears before they closed.
And bought a new freezer.
That's money I would have much rather spent elsewhere.

My parents are on vacation.
A few weeks back my dad found a horny toad.
He caught it.
Brought it home.
Bought an aquarium for it.
All because he knew some of the grandkids had never seen one.
He's cool like that.
Brookie named him Steve.
No idea why.
She seemed to take a liking to him.
So my dad asked her to take care of Steve while they were gone.
He brought Steve over.
Gave her money to buy crickets for him.
Steve died.
Tuesday we came home with fresh crickets for him.
He was stiff.
And now we are wondering if Steve is a Stevette.
It looks like Steve died trying to lay eggs.
There's something odd happening "down there".
Brookelynn put Steve in a baggie.
In my freezer.
In the kitchen.
Now every time I open the freezer.
There's Steve.
Neck stretched out.
Mouth hanging open.
Staring at me.
She wants Grandpa to perform a funeral.
Won't that be fun?
Her new nickname is Steve Killer.
We're forgiving like that.


The Bohrer's said...

Hilarious post! Love it. Happy 4th of July!

Aunt Sherman said...

Gina, you write so well, and this is so funny! love from, aunt sherman (yeah, try to figure out who that is hehehheheee!!!)

The Hieberts said...

Thanks for providing my weekly (sometimes daily) laugh!! You crack me up! Happy 4th!