July 09, 2010

Fingerprint Friday

I have a hard time being patient with my kids.
Especially when they want to help in the kitchen.
I'm a control freak in my kitchen.
See, my kitchen.
I really am.
I get cranky and crabby when someone wants to help me.

Jobie especially likes to help.
Guess he's still too young to realize how awful I get.
The older two rarely show interest.
Pretty sure I've scared them off.

So, patience is something I am working on.
I tell my kids all the time:
Patience is a virtue.
No wonder I have to repeat it often.
I'm not even listening to myself.

Lead by example.
Oh, so hard to do sometimes.

Ecclesiastes 7:8
and the patient in spirit is better than
the proud in spirit.

Each week Beki at therustedchain hosts Fingerprint Friday and uses a song by Steven Curtis Chapman as a springboard. Join in. It's a great way to be reminded of God's presence.


Graceful Moments said...

From one kitchen control freak to another, "I know your frustration." I so, want to be that sweet, loving mom and gran that instructs the children and grandchildren in how to find their way around a kitchen. My mother was also a kitchen control freak, so I come by it honestly. I also know how frustrating it is for the kids, since I was one. So, lately, I've been trying to be less controlling and more patient and now my daughter says to me, "You never let ME help in the kitchen," when I sit my granddaughter on the counter and let her help. Oh, the joys of parenthood. Will we ever get it right? Great post! Blessings, Vicki

Jewels by Trish- Handmade Jewelry- Artisan: Trish said...

Thank you for this reminder!! I am a control freak in more area than just my kitchen! My poor kids! Hehe! My older stays out of the way, but like your little one, mine has not figured it out yet. I am trying too so I share your struggle!

My mom only let us use the kitchen when she was NOT home! Years later I asked her why b/c honestly that was so unsafe. She smiled & said, "I knew if you tried to cook or bake while I was home, I would not allow you to do it b/c you wouldn't do it right." Hmmmm...I wonder where I get my control issues from? Her theory was from the heart though. I love to bake!!!

artsyclay said...

My mom was very impatient with me when I was little and always took over any cooking I tried to do.

When my kids were little, I wanted to give them more freedom but learned if I left them alone in the kitchen, their cooking didn't turn out well (for example, one time my son Jeff made cookies with 2 CUPS of baking soda instead of 2 tsp), so I aimed for a place in between taking over completely and hands off totally: appropriate guidance while letting them do as much as they were capable of. That worked pretty well!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Patience is definitely not my strong point either...

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