July 14, 2010

Life at the Entz's

This summer has been...
I don't even know the word for it...

Just under one month until our exchange student gets here.
There is sooo much to do.
I'm beginning to panic.
I'm good at that.
I made a list of everything to do before August 12.
Just stuff that needs to be done in the house.
20 things.
This doesn't include all the appointments, clinics, daily stuff.
The daily stuff really gets in the way.
Plus, we are leaving for a vacation/wedding in a little over two weeks.
We'll be gone for 9 or 10 days.
We'll get back 3 days before Lara comes.
So the house needs to be nearly ready before we leave.

I finally finished planting flowers Saturday.
We never got a garden in.
I HATE that.

Oh, and Ryan decided to buy a "new" car.
We took his car to get some work done.
It was going to cost $900.
He'd just been waiting for a reason to find a new ride.
This was it.
So suddenly this past weekend we were car hunting.
You have no idea how much I despise car shopping.
I think I wasn't always nice.
Sorry, babe!
But I am happy for him.
He's been living with sporadic air conditioning for a couple of years now.
And he drives 35 miles one way to work.
That's not fun.
Not here in Kansas anyway.
He, of course, took pictures.

Old car, new car comparison.
Pretty fancy looking ride, huh?
He got a good deal on it.
He's funny about it.
Wants to drive it any chance he gets.
Brookie loves it.
She went for a ride with him Saturday night.
They took it down Main St.
Rolled down their windows.
And looked at their reflection in the store windows.
They thought it looked pretty tough.
Brookie said everyone was looking at them.
Because their car was so cool.
I love that she was so excited for her daddy.

Now I'm off to clean my house.
I was sick yesterday, remember?
Amazing how quickly things go down hill.
Then I have more painting to do.
Been doing a lot of painting.
Lots and lots of baseboards.
In the garage.
Where I sweat.
A lot.
Pray for my sanity.

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Charlotte said...

You know, I've never had the urge to look at my reflection in my minivan. There's something slightly "unsexy" about it...