July 05, 2010


We invited 15 people for the 4th.
Ryan was working on some new landscaping around the firepit.
We were prepared with tiki torches, bug spray, citronella.
I had bought a new tablecloth, baskets and paper lanterns.

The plan was brats and smores around the firepit.
Thanks to the 20 million inches of rain, things changed.

So we cleaned up the rec. room.
(No easy task.
One friend commented:
This is the cleanest I've ever seen this room.)

Set up tables.
Hung our paper lanterns inside.
Made a couple of desserts real quick.
And were ready to go.

One family brought this tent.
(the room behind everyone is the rec room)
Brookelynn nearly blew off a finger and her thumb.
She will be more cautious with fireworks now.

The life of the party these two.
We have friends with a junior high daughter
who is as sweet as can be to my little boys.
They love her.
When it was time for the big fireworks,
the rain had quit.
We were able to move out to the street.
The little boys did sparklers.
I lost count how many sparklers Jobie did.
When each one was done,
he would get really upset.
Thinking it had just quit on him.
E.V.E.R.Y. time.
Now we are anxious to use our firepit.
And enjoy all the hard work Ryan put in around it.
Guess we'll just have to have another party.

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Amy said...

I love Jobie's headphones. :)