July 15, 2010


This little guy is a little booger.
I love how he is saying things lately.
We all call Ezra: Ezzie.
Except Jobie.
He always calls him Ezwa.
He calls Brookelynn: Brookie.
Jake: Jakie.
But Ezzie: Ezwa.
And when he's mad at Ezra:
wittle, wittle Ezwa!
Apparently, in his eyes, it's bad to be little.
It makes Ezzie so mad when he says that.
Which makes Jobie say it more.
Of course.This weekend Jobie got a new toy
from some great family friends.
New toys always bring new opportunities.
For fighting.

Ezra and Jobe were playing tug of war with the new toy.
I told the boys they needed to share.
Jobe quit.
And walked away even.
I was quite impressed.
Foolishly thinking: Wow, that was easy!
Silly, silly me.
Jobe came back with the box the toy came in.
Pointed at some words and said:
See, it say "not share!"This is the response I got when I told him
that it definitely did not say: not share.When he skins a knee
he says: I got bwood.
Very pitifully.(if only he spent more time doing this)

Jobie was playing with a toy.
Ezzie was trying to convince Jobie to give the toy to him.
(Are you catching a recurring problem here?)
Jobie looked at him and said:
You're not three enough!
Thank goodness, I say.
Jobie is all the three I can handle.


Anonymous said...

Everyone always talks about the "terrible twos". At our house the threes and fours have definitely been....ummmmm....more of a challenge! Their reasoning at that age!!! Mercy - it's difficult to comprehend at times but so hilarious!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

He is so stinking cute!!

I love the way they talk at this age.

Charlotte said...

I needed a laugh tonight -- thanks for giving me a good one. :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I'm ready for summer to be over for many reasons, but one is because I miss your regular blogging schedule. I want to see more!

*A.J* said...

hahahah!! man these kids are CUTE!! specially at this age!! :D