November 11, 2010


About 6:00 last night.
Erik Estrada walked into my house.
At least I sure thought it was him.

Ryan's growing his hair out.
I've been wanting him to do that for a long time now.
It's been pretty short since before we were married.
He got a little trim before he came home from work.
His barber said:
Just comb it back.
And blow dry-it a little.

It looked exactly like this:Ryan even had a tan polyester shirt on.
(He found it in KC.
At this great thrift store called savers.)
Anyway, all he needed was a badge.
A motorcycle.
And bigger teeth.
And the helmet.
The helmet might have smashed his hair down a little.
How did Ponch's hair stay so poofy?

Brookie and I just started laughing.
He said: I look like Erik Estrada, don't I?
He did not want me to take a picture of him.
He immediately went to the bathroom to fix it.

I giggled all day today.
Especially when I was looking for images of Ponch.
Jobie was sitting next to me, laughing:
Dat guy's hair is funny!

Officer Poncherello Ryan:
I think it's time to find a new barber.


tami said...

Oh, man! You so needed to have a picture of Ryan! I was scrolling down waiting to see it! It is fun to keep up with your family by reading about you guys every once and awhile!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

You crack me up. Hilarious!