November 01, 2010

Our Motley Crew

Lara: kitty kat/tiger
Brookelynn: fashion disaster
(she threw it together in 5 minutes)
Jake: I'll explain in a moment
Ezra: Spiderman
Jobe: Batman

Jake's was my favorite this year.
And I think he actually liked it too.
(last year, I mentioned Jake's bad luck with halloween)

Friday night.
What should Jake be for halloween?
Both Ryan and I sitting with computers on our lap.
Looking for ideas.

Saturday night.
What should Jake be for halloween?
(with a little more urgency)
Ryan: Napoleon Dynomite
Run to Walmart.
All they have are black curly wigs.
No blonde.
Except for a Donald Trump one.

So I bought the black.
Not Napoleon.
But you take what you can get sometimes.

Since the wig was different,
we figured we might as well switch other things up a bit too.
Napoleon Dynomite.
Jake style. Ryan printed "Vote for Jake" from the computer.
Then Brookie traced it onto a plain white t-shirt we had.
And colored the the arm and neck bands.

I love it!

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