November 10, 2010


Scary mail.
Why am I getting mail like this?Do they know something I don't know?
I get formula samples.
Diaper coupons.
Pamphlets about planning for my pregnancy.
Makes me panic a little.
Maybe even gag.

Not that each little one isn't a blessing.
I've just had enough blessings of that sort.
And my body certainly has had enough of those blessings.

Moving on now.
Non-scary mail.Germany mail.
Yummy mail.
Yummy Germany chocolate mail.It's apparently considered chocolate for kids.
But, oh my, it's good.
My favorite were the Happy Hippos.
Thin crunchy cookie on the outside.
Some kind of heavenly creamy filling inside.
All in the shape of a hippo.
Too bad they don't come in walrus shapes.
Then I might have understood
where Jobie's comment the other day came from.

The little boys like the chocolate eggs.
Crack them open.
There's a plastic yellow "yoke".
With little toys like these inside.Adorable.
The little dinosaur's head even wiggles.

Host a German student if you want some for yourself.
My kids will not share.
And I'm pretty sure I won't either.
We're selfish people.
When it comes to our chocolate.


Amy said...

Kindershockolade is the best. thing. ever. I spent lots of money on chocolate when I was over there. Toblerone has nothing on it. So, so yummy.

Julie A. Cox said...

Gina.. just go ahead... you know now that you can handle five kids since you've had Lara in your house!!!! Have that baby and give your mail a purpose!