November 29, 2010

The Break

Well, Thanksgiving was not what I had hoped it to be.
I wanted a nice day (or two) for Lara.
Her first (and possibly only) Thanksgiving.
I was planning to take lots of pictures.
Make memories.
Good memories.

Things started out great.
Got up.
Enjoyed coffee with my hubby.
Watched the Macy's parade with the kiddos.
Facebooked and texted little messages to my extended family.
I was feeling good.
And blessed.

When Lara got up we said:
Happy Thanksgiving!
She looked at us like we were crazy.
She had never heard that phrase before.

Then, mid-morning.
I got sick.
Fine one minute.
Sick feeling the next.

An hour or so later.
Off went Ryan and the kids to his family's.
While I stayed home on the couch.
Calling my mommy.
(Who I had talked to on the phone earlier.
While I was feeling fine.)

Saying: I'm calling so you will feel sorry for me.

I'm pitiful.
I know.
But she came through.
Felt sorry for me.
Told my dad.
Who then felt sorry for me too.

By late Thursday night I was at least done
making frequent trips to the restroom.
Then more fun began.
12:00a.m. Ezzie.
2:30a.m. Ezzie.
3:30a.m. Ezzie.
4:30a.m. Jakie.
Good times.

Ryan and I were planning on Black Friday shopping.
A first for us.
That didn't happen.
We were disappointed.

But we were able to decorate Friday.
And Brookie managed to take a few pictures.

Ryan's mom bought this ornament for us.
It's still my favorite.
This year will be our 17th Christmas!Ezzie.My adorable girl.Looks just like her.She captured things beautifully.

I woke up Thursday morning.
Thinking about all my blessings.
Humming this:

Count your blessings.
Name them one by one.
Count your blessings,
see what God has done.
Count your blessings.
Name them one by one.
Count your many blessings,
see what God has done.

Thanking God for each of my many, many blessings.
Those blessings didn't change.
Even though I got sick.
But maybe that was one of God's blessings, afterall.
On one of the highest calorie consumption days of the year,
I had zero.
Surely I saved a pound or two.
A blessing indeed.


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Oh, I'm sorry you were sick....But, you're right. You probably did save a pound or two. Three weeks ago, I had the same sickness. And truly, I was fine one minute and within 30 minutes, I too was in the bathroom....It does come on fast. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and that only two of your kids got it. I was the only one in this household with it. Marc and Luke avoided it -- Yay!!!!! But, you're right...God has truly blessed us. I am thankful. (Boy -- this is a long blog post).

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I'm so sorry you were so sick!!
That's miserable. :(

The pictures of Brookie made me laugh out loud. I didn't realize she had such a large schnoz on her!

Amy said...

Great pictures of Brookie! :) Glad you're feeling better. Sorry you shared it with Lara. :(

Tertiffic said...

I love the ornament pics! Your girl has a good eye for photography!

Anonymous said...

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