November 16, 2010

'Tis the Season

For circling.
"EE" for Ezra."JE" for Jobe.And more importantly...

Ok, let's start with this.Ummm.
Hang on a sec.
Gotta enjoy my sucker a moment.And then I'd like this.Wow!
That sucker is really good.
Another moment, please.Hmmm.
Let's see...Maybe this.Oh, forget it.
Just get me one of everything.And still more pointing...

I want that.Hello?
Are you looking?That right there.He wants everything.
Would be happy with anything.
Well, as long as it's not a doll, anyway.
A pink Easybake Oven?
Oh, yeah.
That's circled.
But the dolls?
They are crossed out.
A big no-no.


Dawn Eshnaur said...

That's so cute! That is exactly what my boys used to do when the Christmas toy catalogs arrived....marked what they wanted with their initials. Sweet memories :)

Melissa Jensen said...

Gina to put it simply you crack me up!!! You have just my humor and all your posts get me laughing!! I love your points of view, your funny kids--keep updating us on your life!