November 02, 2010

Oktober Fest: Amerikan Style

We had a little Oktober Fest a couple of weeks ago.
In honor of Lara.

Ten things from the evening:
(which really have nothing to do with Oktober Fest at all)

1) We have A LOT of walnuts around the firepit.
We picked up 15 bags.
Great family bonding time.2) I like to cram as much as possible
on the left side of the table.
Leaving the right side available for...nothing.3) We've missed our firepit.
We hadn't used it since spring.
Crazy hot weather.
Stupid busy-ness.4) Jobie kinda' plays with his nose when he sucks his thumb.
5) I like Lara's hair straight.
It's cute.
But it's cute curly too.6) My "planter" that I bought makes a pretty cool cooler.
Maybe it won't be a planter afterall.
7) We go all out.
Big K root beer.
Only the good stuff for our friends and family.
We did have soft pretzels too.
It was Oktober Fest: root beer and pretzels.8) Ezra's a pyro.
Doesn't surprise us.9) My dad is great.
I have to say that.
He read my post from a week or two ago.
(he's a little behind)
I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog.
Unless somebody points it out to him.
And someone did.
Thank you so much, whoever you are.
Dad won't tell me who.
But he gave me a phone call last night.
So now I have to be nice for awhile.
Christmas is coming, you know.10) Apparently our guests like to come in shifts.
Shift 1.Shift 2.So ends another exciting evening at the Entz's.

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Beki - TheRustedChain said...

What a fun night!

And I loved your kids' halloween costumes.