January 27, 2011

A Book and a Story

Ezra is writing a book.
This is the title.He has a compulsion to tell the truth.

This is what he has written so far.
(The first word is "deer".)He was having a rough day with his older siblings yesterday.
He sat down at his table.
And wrote out his feelings.
Glad he can express himself this way now.

Funny story.
Jobe and I were at Target the other day.
One of my favorite happy places.
We were in the girl's section.
Jobie pulls a bra off the rack and asks:
Mommy, are you going to get new boobs?

My first thought was:
My second thought was:
Did your dad put you up to this?
My third thought was:
Never mind...
I'm not gonna write that one for all of blogland.
My fourth thought was:
Where did you learn the word "boobs"?
And my fifth thought was:
Is it bad that my fourth thought wasn't my first thought?

A bit later we were across the aisle from the women's bras.
Jobie points over and very loudly says:
Mommy, those are big boobs.
The lady next to me got a good laugh.It's amazing what your fourth child learns.
Pretty sure that word was not
in Brookelynn or Jake's vocabulary at 3 years old.
Not gonna guarantee is wasn't in Ezra's though.
Here's to hoping it doesn't show up in his book.