January 08, 2011

What Mama Got For Christmas

Let me explain something, first.
Years ago.
I quit teaching.
When kid numero dos came along.
Going from two incomes to one.
And then adding a kid.
That creates a little of a money crunch.
That year for Christmas,
Ryan and I agreed to only spend $40 on each other.
We've been doing it ever since.
Well, until this year.

I have to admit.
We have both "cheated" a little at times.
Like getting a mini torch buy one get one half off.
I gave the full price one to my brother.
And the half price one to Ryan.
Very clever.

But this year.
Ryan really cheated.

When we went Christmas shopping for the kids.
(Which, by the way, is one of our few dates each year.
I look forward to it soooo much.)

I found something I really liked.
But they were very over-priced.
Even at 50% off.
So I admired them.
And walked away.

They showed up under our tree.I love them.
I'm spoiled.

Either that.
My hubby really wants something.
He also helped me clean the bathrooms last week.
What is he up to?


Amy said...

Very cute! Love 'em! Way to go, Ryan! :)

Chad and Jody said...

I need you to send me the name of those yummy snacks you have in the lounge today. jchilds@newton.k12.ks.us. THANKS! And awesome boots by the way!!! I bet you look cute in them. :)

Charlotte said...

Titus cleaned our bathroom last week, too. Hmmm.....