January 12, 2011

A Lesson Learned

It's ridiculously cold.I make coffee every morning.
For Ryan.
And me too, of course.
I don't make breakfast for my kids.

Sometimes on Saturdays I get real ambitious.
I'll make pancakes or waffles.
But most days they get good healthy stuff.
Lucky Charms.
Captain Crunch.
Pop Tarts.
I'm naming the name brands.
But we use mostly off brands.
If I'm feeling extra nice I'll make cinnamon toast.
That's about my limit.So, last night.
I knew it was gonna be below zero in the morning.
That's too cold.
Who wants cold cereal on a morning like that?
I leafed through some recipes.
Found one for overnight crockpot oatmeal.
Now that's something I can do.
It doesn't require me to get up any earlier in the morning.
So I threw it all together.
And this morning, my kids had a good hot breakfast.Ryan, by the way, does not eat breakfast.
Only on vacation usually.
Or when I make him on Saturday morning.
Because I've worked so hard on those pancakes or waffles.
I do make them from scratch afterall.But I was pretty pleased with myself.
I even went the extra mile.
Dished up the oatmeal for each child.
AND put fresh blueberries on top.
I know.
Crazy.Ryan left for work.
Ten minutes later.
I realize something.
Forgot to make our coffee.
I sent my husband off to work.
On the coldest day of winter.
For his nearly 40 minute commute.
Without his coffee.
Good feeling gone.

Fifteen minutes later.
Hubby calls.
I answer:
I can't believe I forgot to make coffee.

He actually thought I had made it.
Had his travel mug full.
Waiting for him.
Like I do most mornings.
I should have said:
I can't believe you left your coffee here.So I got off the phone.
Made the normal amount of coffee.
And drank it all myself.
Feeling much better now.

Lesson learned:
On a school day,
I can either make coffee for my guy.
Or make breakfast for my kids.
Expecting myself to do both.
That's just too much.


Natalie said...

Oh Gina you crack me up!! Ha! We don't eat breakfast either... unless it's 10 or 11 and brunch time :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...


We're a cold cereal for breakfast family too. Occasionally one kid will have instant oatmeal instead. That's my limit.

If they want real breakfast food, they'll have to wait till dinner time.