January 17, 2011

Date Night

Ryan and Brookelynn love sushi.
They eat it together on daddy-daughter dates.

Brookie has been wanting me to try it.
I am not a seafood lover.
Fried shrimp.
I can do that.
Occassional tuna.
That's doable too.
Long John Silver's fried fish.
Bring it on.

Friday night.
My mom and dad had the kids over.
For a sleep over.

Ryan and I headed to the big city.
We had many stops.
Noodles & Company.
World Market.
Barnes and Noble.

But our first stop was for appetizers.
Sushi.Didn't love it.
Didn't hate it either.
I told Ryan:
I will never crave it.
But I'd go eat it with you again sometime.
He said:
Thanks!Of course, I have a condition.
He must take me to Noodles after again.
Now that I crave.

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