January 04, 2011

Three in a Row

We woke up Christmas Eve to the pitter patter of little feet.
And Jobie saying:
Mommy, Ezzie is stuck behind the tree.We skyped with Lara's family.
And opened our packages to each other.
Our traditional Christmas Eve supper.
Hummus, grilled chicken, fattoush salad.Then the annual picture with the rocking chairs before gifts.
Brookelynn and Jake are beginning to get a little big for them.Ezzie could barely contain his excitement.He had everyone laughing.I have absolutely no idea what he is doing here.Christmas Day was with my parents.
Levi apparently had a hard time containing himself also.
You would think by now we could get a decent cousin picture.
Ezzie was pretty happy with his bike.The day after Christmas was spent with Ryan's family.
For some reason we only got a picture of these 3 together.And the two youngest.
Four weeks apart.
Amazing how much they change in that amount of time.
I think they look nothing alike.
Great memories once again.We are so blessed.

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leslieveer said...

Oh my goodness! I think Cody looks so much like Tami!