February 08, 2011


First it was a snowman.Imagine a little grunt with each roll.A pretty cute snowman.But by knocking the first one over.And building a tower-like snowman.Next to the fallen one.It becomes Snowhenge.It's snowing like crazy here again.
I am not looking forward to my kids coming home.
Wet, snowy feet.
Dumping all their coats and winter paraphernalia.
ALL over the living room.
Begging for hot cocoa.
And a snack.
I sound selfish.I've got one more hour to enjoy my nice quiet house.
With one super cute little boy.
The noise.
Oh the noise, noise, noise, noise.
And I'm guessing there will be plenty of it.
Since chances are we will have a snow day tomorrow.
Hope I don't become too Grinchy.

Must think of lots of chores.
For the kids.
I have a couple good books to read.


MICHELE said...

you think your town will call one? My mom said it is like pulling teeth there to get one! I am so hoping for one for Chad, it is really easing me into this mom of two thing...how do you do four again?! You all amaze me with more than 2 kids!! :)

Danielle said...

Smart move to welcome the kids in through the play room! and you're welcome for not allowing all the extra Eli noise today that usually makes his way to your house every afternoon. You deserve a break :)