February 03, 2011

What Not to Call Your Mom

A little advice for my daughter.1. Girlfriend.
As in:
You know that's right, girlfriend!

Right now, I am your mom.
Someday I hope to be your momfriend.
That's the name I just made up for my mom.
She's pretty much my best friend.
But she's still my mom.
She's always the one I call when I'm sick.
I don't need to let all my other friends know when I'm barfing.
But my mom needs to know.
She's my momfriend.2. Dude
First of all, I usually associate dude with a guy.
Second of all, according to you kids,
the official definition of dude is:
an infected hair on an elephant's rear.
Since I am neither of these two,
I would prefer not to be called by that name.3. Mom Dog.
You tried this one on me just the other day.
I believe my response was:
Excuse me?
To which you just laughed.

You are not Randy Jackson.
And I am most definitely not a contestant on American Idol.

Keep trying, sweetie.
You'll eventually hit one I like.
Here's a couple suggestions:
Just thinking off the top of my head here...


Amy said...

Ohh... I like Momalicious. Can we share that one? :)

Melissa Jensen said...

you are so funny!!! Have I told you lately just how much I love reading your blog!!!

Leslie said...


Beth said...

Umm, yeah, I have a couple of those I've heard from my daughters' lips . . . homey G. No, don't ever say that to me again. Dawg. Yeah, ditto that one. I guess we should maybe be flattered that they want to call us the same thing they call their friends? But, no. :) I love reading your blog too!