February 07, 2011

Super Birthday

Yesterday was Ryan's bday.
And Super Bowl Sunday.
Ryan thought it was so nice of everyone
to celebrate his birthday.
A national party in his honor.
Pretty cool.

We had some friends over.
I let him pick the menu.
Buffalo wings.
That was pretty much all he said.
My guy the carnivore.

So I added to it.
Chips, pretzels and dips.
Can you believe it.
He wasn't worried about the dessert at all.
I was.

I made three pies.
And my sis-in-law made one.
Key lime.
Peanut butter chocolate.
Vanilla cheese.
Yummy stuff.

But actually, this post is not about that.
It's about me.
Just kidding.
It's really about his present.

I wanted to make him something this year.
I've mentioned that I'm not the craftiest person in the world.
So this is always a big deal for me.
But I got a little idea in my head.
And it morphed into this:Helvetica is one of his favorite documentaries.
He's a geek.
I know.
In his defense, it's really not too bad.

So I spelled out "Helvetica" in that font.
Would have been funny if I would have used another font.
I almost had to.
Who knew our computers didn't have it?
Quick call to my mom at work:
Please tell me you have helvetica on your computer.
(I didn't put this off at all)
Mom saves the day again!Then I trimmed the letters all down.
And clothspinned them to cork board
that had also been trimmed down to size.This morning I threw some twine at Ryan.
And sent him off to work with his present.
In a Braums paper sack.
We are fancy people.
A few hours later he sent this from his phone:I think I'm going to use
this idea to do something for the little boys' room.
I've got some ideas rolling around
in this empty old head of mine.
We'll see how they turn out.

1 comment:

Amy said...

I have never heard of that documentary. I just thought maybe Ryan really liked that font. :) This turned out really cute! Can't wait to see what you do for the boys!