February 09, 2011

A Recipe and Plenty of Jabber

I make this recipe A LOT.
It's simple.
Only uses one bowl.
It's chocolatey.
My mom made them for us when we were kids.
It's from one of my favorite cookbooks.
An old Holdeman Mennonite cookbook.
Good stuff in there.I timed how long it took me to throw it together.
15 minutes.
Probably would have been 10 minutes.
Except I had a phone call in the middle of it.
Poofed flour all over myself.
Then added 1/2 cup too much flour.
Had to try to scoop it out without getting other ingredients.
Then I forgot to spray the bottom of the pan.
I'm a mess.
Oh, and I was also a little short on cocoa.
So these aren't quite as chocolatey as usual.
What a pity.
And that is also how cooking usually goes at my house.
It's rarely a smooth event.
I almost always double this.
My kids don't appreciate nuts.
So those are typically left out.

I love the corners and edges.
The corners are the best.
I get that from my dad.I was taking care of a precious little girlie.
She didn't want any.
I asked her what kind of a girl doesn't like chocolate.
She didn't answer.
She's only 1.

I'm pretty sure her mommy has been telling her it's yucky.
Hording it all for herself.
That's a really smart thing to do, huh?
It's too late for me.
But maybe there's a young mom or two
out there who could give this a whirl.
Just tell them chocolate is yucky.
Then you can have it all.
Without having to hide it.
In the freezer.
Or the back of the tallest cupboard
where you have to climb onto the counter
to reach it.

That might happen at my house.


Amy said...

Darn. You figured out my secret. ;)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I like the middle and not the edges.

We'd make a darn good team. you + me + brownies = happy.

MICHELE said...

already on it, minus the chocolate MMs I use to reward her potty training success. Let you know how it goes!

Julie said...

These are in the oven right now! Can't wait to taste them.

And I THINK I made them in less than 10 minutes, but should have slowed down because my counter is completely covered with cocoa and I should have taken a break to check on Calla, because I just found her with a wad of blue play dough in her mouth. Oops. :)

Danielle said...

I just ate the last brownie in my house. I had to sneak it so my kids didn't yell at me for taking the last one. I usually wait to eat them after everyone goes to bed. I just couldn't wait that long tonight. I wish I would have had your advice about 13 years ago :)

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I should try those brownies....I personally don't have that cookbook, but my mom and sister-in-law do....we have Holdeman relatives, and I still don't have that cookbook (isn't that pathetic?)....I can't believe my very non-Mennonite sister-in-law has that cookbook and I don't :(