February 18, 2011

This and That

I swept the floor this morning.
Then Jobe sat at the bar for lunch.
After he ate, he looked down at the floor and said:
Mommy, it's still dirty.
Thanks, son.

Today the kids got out at 1:00.
This happens about 4 times a year.
I always have lots of extra munchkins at the house on these days.
Jobe and I baked before the herd got home.Hope we made enough.I created a new station on Pandora today.
I'm listening to it right now.
Can't Buy Me Love must have brought it on.
The first song.
Tone-Loc Funky Cold Medina.
The song is nasty.
Did I not pay attention to the lyrics?
Or was I just naive?
It's been fun to listen to some of the others though.
Don Henley, The Cars, Survivor, Tears for Fears, OMD...

Jobe and I have been walking to school to get Ezzie.
It's been gorgeous here.
Nearly a 100 degree difference from last Thursday morning.
I let him take my little point and shoot.
And he snaps picture after picture.
He is usually behind me.
And apparently he is just the right height.
To get great pictures of my tush.
Most people get to watch their kids grow in pictures.
I get to watch my tushy grow.

Hope your weekend is fabulous.
We have fun plans.
A play with the little boys.
Prom dress shopping with the girls.
PF Changs date night with friends.

Oh, Peter Gabriel In Your Eyes just came on.
Love that song!
Maybe I will require that we listen to 80's music on our date night.
It's fun!
(Hope it's stuck in your head now.

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Danielle said...

We talked several times today about how fun it is that we all trade kids. I told Mitch that if I could choose a 2nd mom for Eli it would be you. He has very good taste! (oh, and thanks for the song running through my head)