February 16, 2011

Two Days Later

Heart day was busy.It began with a trip to Wal-mart and Dillons.
I needed to get some gifts for the kids and my guy.
I like to plan ahead.

I got them each two things they love.
Ryan: lime tostitos and ding dongs.
Lara: soda water and oreos.
Brookie: a big jar of pickles and good n' plenty.
Jakie: slim jims and mt. dew.
Ezzie: 3 really big apples and fruit snacks.
Jobie: a big bag of dumdums and fruit snacks.

I came home and cleaned the bathrooms.
That's a fun valentine's day project.

Made a fancy dinner of Totinos pizza rolls.
And pb&j for the little boys.

Then I needed to get ready for the evening.
You're thinking hot date, right?
Our school district took care of that for us.
A free date.
To a middle school band and orchestra concert.
How did they know that was exactly what we wanted to do?
So nice of them.
Both sets of grandparents came too.
So I had everyone over for dessert after.Put instant vanilla pudding to the dessert shells.Melt 1/2 bag or so of semi-sweet chips in 1 cup heavy whipping cream.
Pour over the shells.We topped it with freshly whipped cream and mixed berries.

We finished watching KU stink it up on the court.
All the kids finally went to bed.
Then Ryan brought this out for me.
Oh boy was it yummy.
(He also had surprised the kids with little treats.)

To finish off the evening,
we relived our high school days by watching Can't Buy Me Love.
Except it really wasn't anything like our high school days.
Other than the fashions.
And the fact that I'm the one that made Ryan cool.
I make myself laugh.


Danielle said...

You make me laugh!! I love your valentine's day. The dessert looks delish!

Amy said...

That dessert looks really delish! I think you should make it for your bff's sometime. :)