January 20, 2012


Confession #1
No baking happened on Tuesday.
Even though I said it would.
I didn't actually bake at all this week.
Until yesterday.

Instead of baking Tuesday
I organized our junk drawer.
(That makes it sound like we only have one.
I wish.)

I organized ONE of our junk drawers.
Took me 3 hours.
That's silly.
But now I hear angelic music in my head.
Every time the drawer gets opened.
It's lovely.
Brookie says it will stay that way for a week.
I am determined it will stay nice for 8 days.
Just to prove her wrong.

Confession #2
I want my hair to be long again.
Right now.

Confession #3
I've only been on pinterest once.
Months ago.
And I didn't get it.
And I still don't.

Confession #4
Here's probably the real reason
I haven't tried too hard with pinterest:
I'm afraid I'll see all this amazing stuff.
That all these amazing people are making/doing.
And I'll get dissatisfied.
With myself.
With my crafty skills or lack thereof.
With my decorating skills or lack thereof.

Confession #5
The other morning I figured out the year
each of my kids would graduate.
And now I'm on the verge of tears
everytime I think about that.
I love that they are growing up.
And hate it.

Confession #6
I am wasting time writing confessions.
Because I'm putting off cleaning my house.
Friday is cleaning day.
And I don't want to get busy.
But it's gotta be done.

So I'm off...

But first...
This.Jobie loves to help his daddy get ready in the morning.

And now.
I'm really off.
To dust.
Scrub sinks.
And toilets.
My glamorous life.

Is there something on pinterest
about how to scrub toilets?
How to scrub toilets
AND look good at the same time?
Or something like that.
Maybe that would get my interest.


Melissa Jensen said...

I just love you!! You are so funny and uplifting:) I know you are thinking how can that post be uplifting but I just think you are and I think a lot like you. Happy Cleaning!!

Danielle said...

Love, love, love the photo of Ryan and Jobie! Pinterest really does make me feel like a better wife, mom and friend. I love all the uplifting quotes I find. And great recipes too. Oh yeah, and I've pinned several good cleaning ideas :) I'm serious.

Marcy said...

I enjoy your blog. Hope you got your cleaning done. Mine is desperately in need of cleaning as well--I'm not sure it can wait for Friday! Much love from Niger.