January 23, 2012


Ezra came along after a miscarriage.
2 D&C's.
Several visits to specialists.
And lots of tears.

He is so much like his daddy.
In looks.
And personality.

He is super sensitive.
(Which has its good and bad points.)
Many days he comes home from school
telling me about one of his classmates
who got their feelings hurt
and how he feels bad for them.

He is a sweetie.He's become such a good reader.
So we decided it was time to get him a Bible.He was super excited.
He especially loved that his name was on it.

We had a hard time picking Ezra's name before he was born.
But here's the verse that sealed it for us.

Ezra 7:10
For Ezra had devoted himself
to the study and observance
of the Law of the LORD,
and to teaching its decrees and laws in Israel.

I pray he continues to love Scripture.
I pray he continues to have a tender heart.

He is a treasure.


Danielle said...

You sure do know how to make a girl cry! So sweet.

Amy said...

Love that kid. :)

Melinda said...

What a great person to name him after! I always wondered where it came from. :)

keepingthemistakes said...

He IS a sweetie. I love having him in art class!