January 09, 2012

Our Christmases and Hoodies

I'm sorry.
I am so behind.
But here's a little look at most of our Christmases.

December 23.
Christmas at my parents.
Christmas Eve morning.
There's always plenty of new things to do
after a Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma.

Christmas Eve evening.
It seems to have become a tradition
to wear pj's all day on Christmas Eve.
Except for when you get new Under Amour hoodies.
Those must be worn with the pjs.Shouldn't it be easier to get a decent picture
as they get older?I cannot look at this picture
without laughing at Ezzie.And...we gave up.After these pictures, Brookie stood up.
And the chair was stuck to her rear.
I guess she's getting older.
It's tradition to take their pictures with their chairs.
May have to come up with something new next year...

Apparently, if you divide the kids in 2's
pictures turn out much better.
Christmas morning.
Jake's already dressed for church.
Way to go, Jakie!
Christmas Evening.
Christmas at Ryan's parents.Jobe's hair is awful.
I finally cut it this weekend.
Looks like a brand new boy now.
And for some reason,
Jobie thought he needed to show us how old he is.

December 27.
Christmas at Ryan's aunt's.
Always lots of family.
And great food.
Our first stop at her house on Christmas is the den.
For a family picture.
The kids love that tradition.
Ha!See the hoodies again?
They have harldy been off the kids.
Especially the older two.
They did not wear them to Ryan's parents.
Only because we fry latkes.
Lots and lots of latkes.
And you come home smelling greasy.
EVERYTHING smells greasy.
And I told them I would not be washing them the next day.
I was on strike for a day or two over Christmas.

There are a couple of plusses to these hoodies.

1) They are never lying on the floor.
a) They are always on the kids.
b) They are on my washer.
As a "subtle" hint that they need washed.

And 2) I now get thank you's for doing the laundry.

Pretty cool, huh?


The Hieberts said...

Kirsten and Seth got the same hoodies. I told Seth today that his MUST be washed! I think I've only washed it once since Christmas. He wears it ALL the time! Miss seeing you at BB games but we haven't been to any because Kirsten plays on Thursdays. Does Ryan miss it?

Amy said...

Ezzie never takes his off at school. :)