January 04, 2012

Time Flies

How does it happen?

In the blink of an eye.
Your baby girl is 13.And you have a teenager.And you think,
there is no way I'm old enough
to have a teenager.
Yet, somehow, you are.
And, somehow, you do.And that teenager suddenly seems so grown up.

Until she invites 13 friends over for a sleepover.And they watch...
A Barbie movie.
Barbie Charm School.
Or something like that.
(Her dad always threatens to send her to charm school.
Hope she took notes.)
And they stay up giggling.
All night.And so begins a new chapter.
A chapter I am so excited about.
To see her love for Jesus grow.
To see the heights that she soars to.
To see how much I can embarrass her.

Fun times ahead.
I'm going to enjoy the ride.

Happy 13th (on Dec 28) to my one and only girl.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Happy birthday Brookie! (this post made me cry, by the way)