August 24, 2009

Another Season Begins

The kids' soccer season began Saturday.
Brookie is playing on two teams.
Jakie on one.
So between the two of them,
we have 24 games.
Plus seven tournaments.
All to be played within the next 2 1/2 months.
But fun.
Even Ezra and Jobe like it.
They get lots of playing outside time,
since we also have practices 3 times a week.

We had three games Saturday.
And three victories.
Here's a shot of Jake's team.
He's the little one in the middle in the yellow.
Brookie's new uniform for her primary team.
(We forgot to take a pic of her other team...oops.)
Her Daddy designed a new logo.
The group of super, fantastic girls.
This is their third year together.
It's hard to see in the pic,
but they each have a pink band around their left leg.
We have a mom on the team that is battling breast cancer.
She will begin chemo soon.
Please pray for Aidee.
Her daughter is 4th from the right.


PamperingBeki said...

What a beautiful thing for those girls to do. Very sweet.

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