August 07, 2009


I love this girl.
I really, really love this girl.
But, wow...
Where did this little munchkin go?
We're entering a new phase in parenting.
Dealing with a pre-teen.
And she's not even 11 yet.

Long discussions on inner beauty.
More long discussions.
And then, eventually.
Goofy faces.
Lord, give me wisdom.
And patience.
Lots and lots of patience.


Erica said...

thanks for stopping at my site! your daughter is just beautiful... yay for having a tween :) good luck ;)

Rebekah said...

I have been noticing lately a lot of these same things with my 9yr. old girl - I didn't realize preteen stuff started so early!! Ack!!

Great fishy face :)

PamperingBeki said...

Yes! Mine is only 9 but I'm seeing all of this preteen stuff too. Yikes.

Brookie is gorgeous. Even with a fish face. :)

Greg Nickel said...

Maybe we could just move them into one of the tree forts together for the next few years? Brookie can hunt, Lou can gather...