August 20, 2009

I Wish...

I could do this.
But somehow I think Ryan would protest.
Every time Daddy mows Jobie wants to ride.
And every time he falls asleep before they are done.
No matter what time of day it is.
Morning, afternoon or evening.
Totally relaxed with Daddy.


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I don't know how you fall asleep on a lawn mower, but somehow, it must be possible. That's too cute -- especially how he's sucking his thumb. My little guy does that as well.

Val said...

Ok you are gonna laugh at this one. When I saw the first picture, I didn't see Jobe's body only his head, sleeve and arm and I thought "Why is Ryan mowing the lawn with Brookie's American Girl Doll?" Silly me. =]

Gail said...

I thought it was a doll, too! Very cute pictures.

Amy said...

Corey thinks he needs a riding mower now, just so he can do this! Too cute! I love the ear protection! :)

Karen Entz said...

I could not figure out what it was he was holding!