November 13, 2009

Fingerprint Friday

I love how these flowers
stand out against the brown shriveled leaves.
It's even difficult to focus on the leaves.
The flower draws your attention. Do I stand out in a sinful world?
Is my love for Jesus obvious?
Am I bringing glory to my Father?

Matthew 5:16
In the same way,
let your light shine before men,
that they may see your good deeds,
and praise your Father in heaven.

Each week pamperingbeki hosts Fingerprint Friday and uses a song by Steven Curtis Chapman as a springboard. Join in. It's a great way to be reminded of God's presence.


Rebekah said...

First, those flowers are really striking - wonderful colors!

Second, great thoughts there, such a great reminder for me today.

PamperingBeki said...

Thank you for the great reminder!

StudioCherie said...

Fantastic post!