November 04, 2009


Remember a long time ago
when I posted about painting the kids' rooms?
Right here.
They've been primed since that time.
Just waiting.
We're good at that at our house.
Starting a project.
Then taking months to finish it.

Today, I finally had the entire day at home.
I broke out the little blue stereo.
Found some classic cd's.
(Restless Heart, Sammy Kershaw, Bon Jovi.
Living on a Prayer has my name in it.
Bon Jovi sings about me!
And Tommy.
Wrong man, but still...)
And started painting.
And singing.
At times using the roller as a microphone.

I put a coat of white in Jake's room
on three walls in the morning.
In the afternoon, I put a coat of orange
in Brookelynn's room on three walls.
Their rooms do have four walls.
But each of their fourth walls will be painted an accent color.
And Jake's room won't be just white.
He'll have some cool blue and red stripes
before it's all said and done.

Before I could paint in Brookie's room,
I had to tape a few places.
Let me say, I do not do well with heights.
I think it's safe to say, this is my phobia.
I love Colorado and the mountains.
But the last time we drove up Pike's Peak,
I nearly had a nervous break down.
I'm okay if I'm enclosed in glass.
I have no problem with
John Hancock building or Sears Tower in Chicago.
Love them actually.
But that shear drop-off.
With no side rail.
Or the side rail made of rotting limbs.
Oh my.
And I'm always on the passenger side.
With a clear view of said drop-off.

Back to painting/taping.
I had to tape at the ceiling.
A nine foot ceiling.
Using a rickety ladder.
With the third step half missing.
I'm not sure if the ladder was shaking because it's lopsided
or because I was shaking so much.
Then had to use it again to paint up there.

Then, to complain more,
my knee started killing me while I was making supper.
I had surgery on it when I was 19.
A long time ago.

Moving on.
After supper, the kids and I
managed to put a second coat on Jakie's walls.
While Ryan got a second coat on Brookie's.

I was too tired to take pictures.
They will come when we are done.
But we're actually getting somewhere.
In spite of my problems.

I admit it.
I have problems.
Phobias, odd pains,
a tendency to ramble when I'm tired.
I feel old.
And worn out.
I think I'll shut up.
And go to bed.

1 comment:

MICHELE said...

Gina- I can SO relate about that Pike's Peak thing. I am having heart palpitations just thinking about it! We drove up there last summer, half way up I was crying in complete and total fear...glad I am not alone.

Painting Tip: Have you ever tried those edgers? I have never had to tape off again since discovering those, and it gets the job done in half the time!! Just an idea?!

Can't wait to see pics!