November 30, 2009

Food, Family, Fun

Thanksgiving at my mom and dad's.
Saturday night.
My mom is a super cook.
Homemade butterhorn rolls.
Triple berry sauce.
Lemon meringue pie.
Key lime pie.
And much more.

My dad is nearly always involved
in the cooking of the meat.
We are a highly carnivorous family.
There was turkey.
And a pork loin that was grilled
with a fantastic homemade rub.
My dad makes the best mashed potatoes.
I have tried to duplicate.
And fail every time.
That pan brings back lots of yummy memories.
My nephew.
Being a pain.
My mom had cute projects for the kids.
And Ryan.
Brookelynn made the sails.
Ryan carved out the zucchini.
The Mayflower.
Project #2
Pilgrim hats.
Like any good aunt,
I told the kids about chubby bunny.
Levi decided to give it a try.
He made it to six marshmallows.
Before both of us nearly puked.
Oh, he's going to love this picture.
It was a great evening.
The three little boys disappeared after supper
and we hardly saw them all night.
The two older boys hung out with the adults.
And the two girls drove us crazy.
They are in that giggly, goofy stage.
We kept sending them downstairs.
They kept coming back.
With odd, made-up songs.
Wish I had pictures or video.
I really don't.
It was painful.
Yet one more thing to be thankful for.

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PamperingBeki said...

What a great time! I love that there were special activities for the kids.