November 11, 2009


Guess what this came from.
When I was vacuuming the other day,
it was on the floor.
Since the vacuum didn't seem to want it,
I picked it up,
thinking it was a broken part of
an off/on switch from one of the kids' toys.
Only to discover it was a piece from my favorite mug.
My mug that has been photographed
and mentioned a few times.
My favorite mug.
That was knocked off my counter.
With coffee in it.
Hitting the tile floor.
Shattering and splattering.
On a Sunday morning.
Shortly before we were leaving for church.
By one of my four children.

So to get angry would have been wrong.
I guess it would be wrong anytime.
But right before church seems especially wrong.
And I have been talking to my kids'
about controlling their anger.
Referencing Larryboy and the Angry Eyebrows.
"We must let go of our anger."
And James' admonition to be quick to listen,
slow to speak
and slow to anger.

Sometimes it's hard to swallow your own speeches.

And now,
I'm searching for a new favorite mug.


ShellyStout said...

Oh Ick! I know how hard the search for a perfect coffee cup can be... On a brighter note, I think you should keep the shard, and have Beki turn it into a fab piece of jewelery!

MICHELE said...

So sorry about your mug...sad but true, a favorite mug makes your drinks taste better :)

Good luck finding a new one!

I like the post about following your own advice...I catch myself giving advice but then not actually doing it myself! :)

PamperingBeki said...

I was coming to say "awww, I'm sorry!" but then I saw Shelly's message and started laughing.