November 23, 2009

The Week

It's gonna be a busy one.
My guy is off.
Lots of honey dos.
For him.
And me.

Get fireplaces ready.
(Enough said.
You've seen pics.)
Mow one last time.
Clean rec room.
(BIG job.)
Work on the kids' rooms.
(Getting closer to moving them!)
Put Christmas lights up outside.
Make a turkey for the first time.
Have a slough of people over on Thanksgiving.
Decorate for Christmas.
(Not until Friday.
I'm one of "those" that must wait until after Thanksgiving.
Even though I'm dying to listen to Christmas music.)

Ryan's splitting wood right now.
Well, he was.
Until the splitter quit on him.
Isn't that always the way things work?
He's running around now.
Getting things to get it going again.
Took the little boys with him.
They are following him everywhere.
They love it when he is home.

So, yes, I am by myself.
Except for my nephew.
Who is napping.

It's blissfully quiet here.
And it smells yummy.
Bought it from my nephew.
Not the same one who's napping.
A much older one.
On the other side of the family.
He's raising money for a trip to D.C.
My guy picked it out.
Pretty good taste.
But we knew that already.
He did pick me afterall.

1 comment:

Amy said...

A wood splitter? And here I was, picturing Ryan out there swinging an ax, looking all manly. Good luck with all the things on your list!

Did you get my email the other day?