November 24, 2009

Oh, Bother

We are whittling away at our list.
But it's not been without set-backs.

The rec room is much better.
The kids' rooms are still getting there.
Leaves are in the compost pile.
Lawn is mowed.
Christmas lights are up.
(But not turned on.)
I've been researching the best way to roast a turkey.

Those things are fine.
But two things in particular.
Not so much.

Oh, bother #1.
The wood splitter refuses to be fixed.
Even though we have gotten advice from numerous friends.
Several of which have even stopped by.
Turns out.
Might not be such a big deal now.

Oh, bother #2.
We had our fireplaces inspected.
Apparently, they have problems.
We were told not to light any fires.
Thousands of dollars worth of repairs.
And we have thousands of dollars lying around.
Of course we do.
The new a/c and heater didn't sap our resources at all.

So here's my plan.
Fix at least one fireplace.
(No idea where the money will come from, though.)
But not the splitter.
Then go buy my guy a splitting wedge.
And watch my manly man split the wood himself.

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