December 08, 2009

My Kid's Crafts

Ezra made a paper ornament at storytime last week.
The little hole for the string broke.
And it was squished in the bottom of the library bag
by the time we got home.
So he redesigned it and made a new one.
I put it on the tree.
He was so excited.
This was my Christmas present from Brookie last year.
Three little magnets she made herself.
She laminated them with scotch tape.
So cute!
It's snowy, sleety and cold today.
I have some pastry in the oven.
The boys are actually getting along.
They are wearing their snow boots
and whatever they are playing
requires my vacuum cleaner attachments.
And, sadly, in a little bit I have to leave my cozy home.
For a dentist appointment.
Just a cleaning.
But still.

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