December 28, 2009

Too Many Birthdays

My girl has had too many birthdays.
Her fingers are no longer enough to show her age.
She needs help from her little brother.

And littlest brother wanted to help too.
I guess he thinks she's 12.
I'll put that off for another year.

She finally wanted clothes for her birthday.
That does my heart good.
Ryan even had fun shopping for her.
Jake was shocked at how few "toys" she got.
I reassured him that we would not do that to him
on his birthday...unless he wants us to.
Happy 11th birthday to my beautiful girl.


team pierson said...

Happy Birthday Brookie! I think Summer and I looked at that same sweater in Justice today. Cute outfit!

Amanda said...

Oh she looks SOOOO cute!! Happy Birthday Brookelynn!

Anonymous said...

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