December 10, 2009

Snow Boots

My boy.
Who is obsessed with what he wears to storytime.
Chose to wear snow boots today.
On the wrong feet.
With messy, staticy stocking cap hair.

I pointed it all out to him before we left.
He said he didn't care.

The mom I was 9 years ago
would have never let Brookelynn or Jake
out of the house like this.
The mom I am today
is lazier smarter.
And knows how and when to pick her battles.
There is snow on the ground afterall.


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I LOVE when little kids come to storytime like that! In Luke's storytime (Friday mornings for the toddlers), there's this one little boy who frequently comes in wearing a firefighter hat. It's SOOOOO cute! His mom says similar things -- "That's a battle not worth fighting."

ShellyStout said...

I love the clarity that comes with being a mom! This is soo NOT a battle worth fight, good call!