December 07, 2009

The Weekend and Other Things

We had a great weekend.
Friday night.
Out with friends for supper.
Then to Target for a little Christmas shopping.
We had the kids with us.
So didn't get any of their's done.
But did get our niece and nephews'.

Made waffles for breakfast.
My waffle iron quit after making 3 waffles.
That's the 2nd waffle iron I've killed in our marriage.
Do they not last long?
Or do they not like me?
So we had waffle-pancakes.
Looked a little different than my usual pancakes.

We went to all the furniture stores in town.
To look for a bed for Jake.
And matresses for Brookelynn and Jake.
We didn't find anything for them really.
But we found a bedroom set for us.
Too bad we don't have the money.
We've only had used bedroom furniture.
Someday we'll have a nice, new bedroom set.

I just got interrupted to make breakfast for the little boys.
As I'm standing in the kitchen,
"making" breakfast
i.e. toasting bread
Ezzie and Jobie come crawling into the kitchen.
And Ezzie says to Jobie, in a low voice:
There's the giant that makes our stuff.

In the afternoon we dropped the kids off at Ryan's parents
and went on a rare afternoon date.
The community college where Ryan works
had a Christmas program.
Singing and dancing.
The lady sitting next to Ryan was entertaining.
She was performing her own concert half the time.
And clapping and yelling "Woohoo!" and "Yeah!"
throughout the show.
I couldn't look at Ryan because
I knew I would just start laughing.
And not be able to quit.

Then we picked up the two older kids
and took them to the basketball game at the college.
Love the little boys.
But it was nice and relaxing without them.

Where we heard a great message.
And had a super Sunday School lesson.
Then some time at my parents.
And a relaxing evening at home.
I don't remember having a whole weekend
to do what we want during this time of year.

Random picture by Ezzie.

Busy week ahead.
And next weekend?
Not so relaxing.


vintagewithatwist said...

I love how you decorated! It looks so cute!

PamperingBeki said...

Your house looks adorable.

I love that moment when I'm afraid to make eye contact with my husband because I know I'll break into uncontrollable laughter!

And "There's the giant that makes our stuff"... Hahaha! Too funny!

ShellyStout said...

Wow for a giant you're really good a decorating too. Your home looks great!

Leslie said...

And here I thought you were quite small for a grown up. :)