December 31, 2009

Brookie's Party and Day Out

Luau birthday.
In December.
I forgot to mail the invites.
So 5 days before the party
we hand delivered them.
I'm good like that.

Ryan and Brookie made the surf board.
Out of an empty box from Christmas.
And duct tape.
And paint.
And sharpies.
The gang.
Minus two late-comers.
Lots of games.
Flip flop relay.
Ring the surf board with the lei.
Created your own hula skirt.
Do the hula.
And, of course, food.
Brookie doesn't really like cake.
No complaints here.
Fruit smoothies.
Cheese and pineapple.
Ice cream bars.
Perfectly simple.
My parents take each kid out for their birthday.
They get to pick where they eat.
And shop for their presents.
(My mom kindly took pictures to share with us.)
Brookie chose a sushi restaurant.
Truly a sacrifice for my meat and potatoes Dad.
But they had fun with their chef.
And Brookie was thrilled with her sushi.
She even saved some for her daddy.
Who shares her love for it.
She has expensive taste.
Her in-the-VERY-distant-future-boyfriend is in trouble.

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Melissa Jensen said...

cute post!! and I cannot even believe that she is that old!!! I remember when you went on maternity leave at Berean and then brought her in to show us!! I still remember the first time I got to met her!

Then it was fun to watch her last year at slate creek, I know she has no idea who I am but I just loved watching her thinking just how much she looks like you!!

Love all the blogs!